Frequently asked questions about an Escape Game

Please find hereby the answers to questions you might have concerning our Escape Game. This way you have all the information you need to discover this real-time Escape Game.

For any further question do no hesitate to contact us on +33 546 910 919.

No, actually you can go out anytime using the main door. For those who suffer claustrophobia there is nothing to be worried about : you are not locked in and you can stop the game anytime in case of emergency.
Every session need to be booked through this website using a safe debit card payment. Since then a confirmaton e-mail will be sended to you so you have all the rules you need to understand and the password you will tell us to identify you. For a better experience it is important that you come on time, any delay will have a consequences on your game. Since you arrive you Game Master will guide you until you leave.
Please be careful : reservations cannot be cancelled. We do not refund the payment or change the date.
We allocate you 1 hour and a half including 1 hour of game.

We ask you to be here 15 minutes before your session which will last precisely 60 minutes. Then by the end of the game there is a 15 minutes debriefing with your Game Master.

You have to create a team from 2 to 5 players. Of course if there are only two of you your task is going to be harder, because chasing clues and thinking will take a longer time and we all know time is precious in an Escape Game.

Unfortunately it is not possible to play with more than 5 players, the room would be to small to looking for clues efficiently.

Children from 6 years old can come and play they must come with two adults. However we would like to inform you that most of the riddles cannot be solved by a children on his own.
Thanks to video cameras your Game Master will have a look on your evolution. Don’t worry we do not save it !

It is just a way for us to see how well you are doing and maybe help you if you are stuck.

Unfortunately not. Once the reservation is done no cancellation or changes are allowed.
Yes ! You just have to order a gift voucher for the Escape Game. The voucher is available for one year since you buy it.
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