What is an Escape Game ?

The aim is simple : you have 60 minutes to escape the room you are locked in. The room of the room put you in another time, in another story and you are the hero.

To escape the room you have to solve loads of riddles, to see right through secret codes and to handle bizarre items. All your senses need to be awake.

You do not need any specific knowledge nor physicals skills, the game is based on communication, cooperation and thoughts.

All game long a « Game Master » is going to be your guide, he will check how you are progressing. He might interact with you if you ask for help.

Scenario of our first Escape Room

1892, Usson Castle.

You are a team of « burglar gentlemen » looking for the famous diamond Koh-l-Noor.
You manage to enter the castle of the Usson Marquis but somedy caught you.

Once locked in, you only have one hour to escape before the police arrival and who know you might find the precious diamond…