Discover the Escape Caste adventure in France !

You enter an unknown room where the doors behind you shuts… and then bigins the countdown. The door closes behind you… and the countdown starts ! Will you be able to escape on time ?

To manage this you need to federate your team and to by communicating in an efficient way, you need to dig the room in every single nook so you find clues and solve the riddles we imagined for you. We guarantee you adriline and fun for this big experience where your team spirit, your resoning and your speed will help you to success.

Dare you take the challenge ?

The first Escape Room in castle in the world !

Escape Castle is the first worlwide escape game in a castle’s room. The Usson Castle is a Renaissance castle listed as a historical monument. It is situated one hour driving from La Rochelle, Bordeaux, Niort and Angoulême.

It is also possible to privatise for companies or groups from 50 to 75 people to privatise the whole castle for a giant and brand new Escape Game…

Prices for an Escape Game Session

The prices of our Escape Game depend on the number of players and their age.

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Who to come with to do the Escape Castle?

You can come from 2 to 5 players teams.

Children from 6 to 12 can come with adults for a price of 6 euros per child (limit of 3 children per session and limit of 5 people per session). Children under 6 are not allowed.

There must be at least two people older than 12 per session including an adult older than 18.


Are you ready to take the challenge and to face the riddles we made for you ? Adrenaline and laughts guaranteed up to 5 people.


A new kind of experience accessible from 6 years old. Parents and children : you are going to amazed by yourself.


Get together with your collegues in a funny environment. An original activity to improve your team intelligence and team spirit.

How to offer a gift voucher for our Escape Game

You have no clue what to offer for a birthday, an anniversary or Christmas ? Stop looking for ideas and offer your friends a gift voucher for a wild Escape Game session.

The gift voucher can be used up to one year after you bought it. Once you ordered it we sen dit to you by mail. And if you are like us, doing things at the last minutes, there is nothing to worry about we can email you a printable version of the voucher !

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How to come to the Escape Castle

Our Escape Game is situated in a room of the Usson Castle also known as Le Château des Énigmes.

20 minutes from Saintes / Cognac / Jonzac.

40 minutes from de Royan / Rochefort.

Less than an hour from Bordeaux / Angoulême / Niort / La Rochelle.